City Adventurers solve a Murder 57 in Southampton - photo by juliamaud

Red Herring Games

City Adventurers have been playing virtual Murder Mystery Events run by Red Herring Games

Death by Chocolate

Their first foray into Zoom murder mysteries was chocolate themed and set in a chocolate factory – Those places must be lethal!  

The Story: 

Wonky Chocolates were at one time the best known chocolate brand in the world, renowned for its originality and flavour. Originally owned by the eccentric recluse, Willy Wonky, the firm changed hands following a rather unusual competition thirty years ago and is now managed by Freddo Pail.  Although the factory itself has continued to produce interesting and curious tastes, the worldwide fascination for chocolate is not as strong as it was before. A rethink was required. A rethink, rebrand and relaunch. 

Guests had been gathering all day for a spectacular press launch of a brand new selection of unique chocolates; a range quite unlike any other! However, before the launch party got underway, disaster struck! Mrs Pail, mother of Freddo and one of the executives within the company, was found dead, surrounded by chocolates.  The question was… who killed her and why? 

Review : 

The mystery took place entirely on zoom over one evening. The evening started off well, with a Zoom place holder announcing the evening was about to start.

The full cast of suspects was online and acted out the plot. The cast introduced themselves as if we were attending the launch of a brand new selection of unique chocolates. Then suddenly, Freddo Pail arrived asking Goldie Ticket to call an ambulance as his mother had collapsed surrounded by chocolates. It turned out Mrs Pail was dead!

Inspector Double Decker led the investigation, assisted by WPC Picnic, who showed us the evidence obtained throughout the evening. 

We were invited to ask questions, although that was a bit confusing. I asked a question via chat and via Q&A but neither was picked up. I also tried raising my hand to ask my question. Other people seemed to be selected to ask their questions, although, when they came online they seemed to be searching for scripted questions rather than asking their own. Getting people online with the cast also proved chaotic, but I’m sure as the Red herring team become acquainted with the technology that will be better for future events. Eventually WPC Picnic noticed my numerous attempts to ask a questions and asked it herself. Freddo Pail came up with a good ad lib answer, showing I was barking up the wrong tree. 

At the end of the night we were asked to vote on who we thought was the murderer. There was a broad range of answers offered. Then the Inspector explained everyone means/motive/opportunity and unmasked the killer.

Murder in the Midwest!

This time we were transported deep into the heart of Indian Territory and the frontier town of Tombstone. The plot involved the shooting of a deputy.

Wearing our cowboy hats, we headed (online) for the Crazy Horse Saloon; a watering hole for dusty cowboys, gunslingers and card-playing mavericks. Wyatt Burp had been found dead on the outskirts of town and the Sheriff was looking for answers….. 

The Red Herring team had become slicker in operating the zoom app and were able to call up audience members to question the suspects more easily. Yes, we got to ask a few questions this time. so it was lucky we came dressed for the event.

Super Blooper

In this “Crazy World” City Adventurers were looking forward to another Red Herring Games adventure. This time it was a mystery only production, with no murder involved. The Name of the Game was an ABBA themed event called Super Blooper. “Knowing Me, Knowing You” we were expecting this to be a fun evening in front of the computer.

The Plot

Super Blooper, the worlds premiere Abba Tribute band, have travelled to Amsterdam for their latest European tour. Their presence in the city hasn’t gone unnoticed by the fans who are now flocking to what was originally a “top secret” hotel – causing traffic chaos and noise pollution!  Unfortunately on arrival in Skipol earlier that day their instruments and luggage were misplaced. When the luggage does finally show up – the recovered equipment is also followed by Ivor Dreme of Interpol who wants to know the connection between the group and some phoney funny money that has been found in circulation in various capital cities following the group’s concerts. However along with the phoney funny money is another mystery for the inspector as Jimmy Gimigimi’s guitar has mysteriously disappeared! Who took it? And does it have anything to do with the phoney funny money? 


The script was peppered with references to ABBA lyrics. There was a lot of talk, or should I say singing, about the phoney funny money and the missing guitar. In the end we just had to “Take a Chance on Me” to guess the right answer. Unfortunately, we found it “Slipping Through My Fingers”.  “When All is Said and Done”, we still has a fun night, although we preferred the online murder mystery nights. 

Murder In The Grand

This murder mystery was run by Red Herring Games working with City Adventurers to raise money for
Life After Cancer and Macmillan Cancer Support.. 

The story so far…

Seven long months have passed since the terrible tragedy of the Valentine’s  Day Massacre. 

Al Scapone , Godfather of the infamous Scapone family, who were suspected of being behind the St Valentine’s day hit, has now himself been found dead in his office at his own club known as “The Grand”. There’s no doubt Al Scapone has enemies, but it seems his murder may have  been perpetrated by someone close to him, rather than by a rival gang. 

The question is who?