City Adventurers solve a Murder 57 in Southampton - photo by juliamaud

Murdered for Money

Beware the Isolated Easter Bunny

The Murdered for Money company held a 7 day mystery over Easter 2020. Beware the Isolated Easter Bunny was based on one of their live shows and had been adapted to work online with all the actors being isolated in their own homes. The plot concerned a murder at a chocolate factory. Quite apt for an Easter theme.

Each evening we received new videos and clues to consider. At the end of the week they organised two evening zoom meetings so we could question the suspects. We spent a long time trying to narrow down the murderer, ready to email our answers in ahead of the big reveal.


Every year, the online retailer, Andazoom, hosts its gala banquet in the heart of London to unveil the winner of their Easter Egg of the Year competition. With over 4000 entries received from prestigious chocolate factories across the world, competition is fierce.  Unfortunately due to a worldwide pandemic the gala is unable to go ahead as planned, but not to be defeated, the unveiling of the winning egg will now take place online. Will ‘Wonky Chocolates’ grab the prize for the third year in a row, or will the arrival of the Easter Bunny scramble their dreams.


Each evening we received new videos and clues to consider. Sometimes the clues arrived a little late, but that could be due to the email system straining with everyone suddenly working from home. So if we missed them that night, we watched the clues in the morning.  We came up with charts of possible motives and deduced the means of the murder(s). We spent a long time narrowing down the murderer…..and we still got it wrong! But we had spent a very happy week trying our best to solve the murder. 

We had so much fun, that we immediately bought tickets for their next mystery.

Death by Diamond

This was set at a golf course. Again it was was based on one of their live shows and had been adapted to work online. Spread over 7 nights, there were clues to unravel, video footage to analyse and suspects to question. This time there was only one evening zoom meeting, but all the cast were present to answer questions. 


Smoothgreens golf course diamond club are hosting a charity fundraising event for their charity of the year, The National Truss. Well they were going to before the country was hit by an unfortunate pandemic which meant that everyone had to #staysafestayhome. However, undeterred the organisers have decided to host the event online.  With endless interruptions, uninvited guests, rumours of hidden diamonds, and a dead body in the billiard room before they even start, things are not going so well . One thing you can be sure of is that things are going to get worse......

The Gateau from the Chateau

Although there was one team of City Adventurer Investigators attended their next event -  “Sudden death at Thornbury Manor” - we missed it, so we were looking forward to fielding two teams at Murdered for Money’s next production.

Starting on 17th June 2020, the murder mystery was a comedy tribute to the TV series ‘Allo, ‘Allo. One team of us were old enough to remember the show and found the characters bore a striking resemblance to the show.  The whole four days was very well acted with great performances from the cast. 

This time, as well as the clues to unravel and video footage to analyse, there were puzzles to solve, making this a bit like a murder mystery and escape room combined. If you are used to escape rooms, coming across encrypted codes would not have fazed you. If you hadn’t, however……..Luckily there was a private Facebook Group to help anyone who needed a hint. 

As usual the event culminated with interrogating the suspects via Zoom. 

For this event, ticket prices included a charity donation. A notice on their Facebook page showed the event had raised £847 for Wessex Cancer Trust.


Listen very carefully I will say zis only once. It is 1944. Welcome to a small cafe in wartime occupied France where the beaujolais is flowing and Edi is singing at the top of her out of tune voice. Shh……In this little café a British airmen is hidden under a bed…….No German officers are due this evening, so everyone can relax. But wait! what is this? Why is the Colonel rushing from the chateau with a black forest gateau! Also, who is Tamara and what lies in the letter that has been left unopened by the door?  What follows is a comedy of mistaken identity , dead bodies and a painting that lies hidden in a bratwurst sausage……. 

Movies Mobsters and Murder

This time the City Adventurers were whisked back in time to Hollywood in the 1920’s…..To a time when the studios were just moving from silent films to the new talkies.

We had been invited to an extravagant house party, hosted by the notorious Katsby. With stars of stage and screen on the guest list and gangsters about to gatecrash, this was going to be a party that no-one would ever forget! As a number of dead bodies were found, the police needed our help to solve the crimes…..

Movies Mobsters and Murder was a 1920s virtual murder mystery spread over 7 days. As usual the cast were excellent. They really throw themselves into the characters. We spent ages working out means motive and opportunity prior to the zoom interrogation. Having watched other peoples questions we got to ask a few of our own and realised it would be back to the drawing board for us. After much deliberation we came up with new suspects……..and we were right! Can’t tell you who, though, as I’m sure MurderedforMoney are expecting to stage this mystery again.

Murder at the Ratz Hotel

For August Bank Holiday, the City Adventurers were whisked off to the heart of London’s Mayfair……..well virtually whisked off anyway.  We were visiting The Ratz Hotel, a beacon of luxury and tradition.  The hotel had been under going a refurbishment and would offer relaxing rooms, designed by a Feng shui expert, where energy forces harmonize individuals with their surrounding environment. The hotel was also due to open a luxury bistro. 

However, we soon discovered that the new manager had other, rather unusual, plans…….and soon the hotel would be advertising for another new manager as he was killed in his office!

Secrets, lies, revenge, ambition and unrequited love came bubbling to the surface with hilarious and deadly consequences as we took part in MurderedforMoney‘s virtual murder mystery – Murder at the Ratz Hotel.