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Staying at Heythrop Park in Oxfordshire, the City Adventurers were able to explore the Cotswolds.

Treasure Hunt

Discovering Hangleton as part in an online hertiage Treasure Hunt. The Time Travel Treasure Hunt was part of the Brighton Festival.

Murder Mystery

The City Adventurers took a trip back in time to 1923 and had a A Brush with Death when they took part in the latest MurderedForMoney.

The Diamond Dogs

The City Adventurers joined Terry T-Bone and his gang of low-lives in a raid on Wells & Sons Jewellers, home to the famous Montgomery Diamond for a fun ClueCracker Escape..

Killer Toys

Another murder mystery, this time involving toys! Terror In The Toy Box was investigated by the City Adventurers in May.

Queen’s Theatre 

The City Adventurers headed to Neville’s Island to find out what happens when four out-of-condition clueless middle managers are forced on the outdoor awayday from hell.

Time For Fun

Things were different during the pandemic .The City Adventurers stayed at home and had fun adventures at home and online . These included playing mystery games, solving murder mysteries, travelling the world and escaping from rooms.

As things start to open up we will include a range of physical adventures as well as continue to offer online ones. 

Want to take part? It's easy. Just click on the link to join the club. Membership starts at £5 per month and all new members get a free paperback book (valued at £15) 

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