The City Adventurers

Explore, Discover, Solve and Experience Adventures in luxury!

The UK based Social Club for people who love exploring new places, discovering new things and solving mysteries and puzzles.

Live the life you've always dreamt of.

City Adventurers enjoy luxury

Indulge Yourself

By joining The City Adventurers, you will become part of a community of like-minded adventurers. You will have access to well-researched, and humorous, information about places to visit and clue solving adventures to try.

No backpacking and sleeping in tents for us. No, we like boutique hotels and cosy wine bars. We favour restaurants with table service and wine lists.

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Investigate Mysteries 

Get those little grey cells working  - 

Become the detective and solve a Murder Mystery

Read mysteries with the Solve The Murder Book Club

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Murder Mystery
I2E Escape Room

Solve puzzles

Use your skill to break out of an Escape Room 

Solve puzzle escape games and complete jigsaws

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City Adventurers


The Plays The Thing

Trips to the Theatre

Taking part in interactive productions

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Visit interesting places and discover places off the beaten track

Tour quirky museums and unusual venues

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lawn mower museum
online adventures

Not in the UK?

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