City Adventurers solve a Murder Mystery at UCL

Murder Mystery Adventures at UCL

UCL Museums at Night event

The Game was Afoot.

UCL Museums had suffered from a spate of foul actions of a criminal nature. Learning and Access Officer, Dean Veall, warned that the fiends responsible were using the Museums most precious collections for their foul deeds. 

City Adventurers immediately dispatched a team of trusted investigators to help solve the crime. On arrival they discovered that a murder had been committed! 

The next few hours were spent combing the museums and searching for clues. This event was part murder mystery and part treasure hunt. Teams had to visit various museums, rooms and areas to find the suspects and answer questions about the collections. Unlike Treasure hunts in London events, where the clues can be cryptic or puzzles, the clues were all straight questions. However, the answers to the clues led to a large puzzle that revealed the murder weapon.

Among the places visited were:-

Grant Museum of Zoology

Petrie Museum

UCL Art Museum

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The team succeeded in correctly spotting the murderer but not in determining the murder weapon. The prize for best costume of the night went to a well deserving Scoobey Doo.

City Adventurers solve a Murder Mystery at UCL

Another Murder Mystery at UCL

It didn’t seem that long ago that my intrepid team of investigators were dispatched to UCL Museums to solve a fiendish murder mystery. Now our help was needed again.
This time a young curator had disappeared.

The next few hours were spent combing the UCL museums, searching for clues. The team visited the Grant Museum of Zoology and discovered the suspect Doris Mackinnon. They moved on to the Petrie Museum where Violette LaFleur came under suspicion. On to the UCL Art Museum where Winifred Knights was implicated. Dr Elizabeth Garrett Anderson was the final name in the frame, found in the pop-up pathology museum.
This event was more of a treasure hunt than a murder mystery. At each location the team answered clues and found letters that feed into a larger puzzle.
Yes, my team found the answers to all the clues and the names of all the suspects, as well as the room codes, but we failed to win the final prize.
A fun night out that ended with burgers, wraps and ice creams outside UCL. 

Looking for clues at UCL - photo by Juliamaud